Our Story

Dear Kaffn8.com Visitors,

Please let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Paul Koerner, a Pharmacist who had tried to kick a serious diet soda addiction for years.  I was regularly drinking two to four liters of diet soda per day, and I was looking for an easy alternative to replace diet soda.  My pharmacy background allowed me to safely mix a solution of pure caffeine that I could add to juice, sports drinks, water or any other beverage. My favorite is to add Kaffn8 to Orange Juice.

I enjoyed using this product so much, that I decided to package this solution into an easy-to-dose bottle, and to make it available to others trying to find a better way to get the caffeine they desire. After much careful research and manufacturing development, Kaffn8 was born, and now it is available for you to use and enjoy.

Kaffn8 is a product you can trust, developed and manufactured by a pharmacist with over twenty years experience handling and preparing medications.  I take great pride in this product, and I stand behind it. If you have any concerns about Kaffn8, please contact me and I will do everything I can to make it right. I would also love to hear your feedback about the product.

I hope you enjoy using Kaffn8 as much as I do.

Thank you for your interest,
Paul Koerner, Pharm. D.